How do I close my retail business?

Many business owners have a good plan to open their business.  However, many of these same owners have no real plan in place when it comes to closing a store.  So how do you close your retail business? In many cases, they believe that they can run a “Store Closing Sale”, “Retirement Sale”  or a “Going Out of Business Sale” on their own.  This is a mistake!  Too often, people without knowledge of how the process works will start with discounts too high or too low.  Too often, they do not understand how to market for the liquidation process.  This can result in taking too long to sell off the merchandise or in many cases leaving money on the table.  It has been said, “There is no substitute for experience.”  This statement is never more true than when you are closing a store.  Whether you are closing a hardware store, quilt or fabric store, apparel, or general merchandise store, Liquidation Experts has a solution for any brick and mortar retail location store closing or liquidation.  

Why Should You Outsource Your Merchandise Liquidation to Liquidation Experts?

Liquidation Experts has partnered with many small to medium-sized retailers over the past 30 years with great success.  We are a Nationwide company able to partner with you to develop and improve existing asset disposition programs or simply create a new one.  The overall benefits delivered by Liquidation Experts in connection to store closing merchandise sales comes in many forms both financially and systematically.

How do I close my retail business?

Financial Benefits of Partnering with Liquidation Experts to Close Your Retail Business

1. Liquidation Experts will help you obtain a better financial recovery on your store merchandise and store fixtures and equipment than most retailers can obtain on their own.  We have helped our clients with over a thousand sales over the past 30 years and as a result, we understand how to obtain the best ROI for your inventory and assets.  

2.  Liquidation Experts has a near 100% sell through on our liquidations on most projects.  We do this by using our time—tested methods of signage, marketing and our top in class know-how. Typically, you should expect a net return of 100-150% of cost depending on your margins.    

3.  Liquidation Experts have the most experience working with smaller to mid-size retail businesses in the industry.  This unprecedented experience allows Liquidation Experts to deliver the highest return for your asset sales.  

4.  Liquidation Experts offer our clients a complimentary 15-minute consultation to learn about your store.  

5.  Liquidation Experts offer flexible financial structures.  Whether you just want to pay for phone advice, want us to run the sale on-site or anything in between, we are able to adapt to your needs.

Operational Benefits of Liquidating Inventory and Closing Your Retail Business

1.  Liquidation Experts can offer you greatly reduced stress levels and also reduce distractions in your day-to-day business and personal life by professionally managing your sales.  We will be with you from the very beginning and stay with you until your sale is completed!

2.  Liquidation Experts offer turn-key solutions for your furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) sales as well.  We take ownership of the project from day one.  This will free up management time to allow you to focus on the rest of your business.  

3. Merchandise Liquidations are what we do.  We understand all of the details of the process from the early planning stages to the final hand off to the landlord stage, when the sale is completed.  

4.  The Liquidation Experts Management Team is considered to be the top in the industry when it comes to product knowledge, project management, transparency, and the overall execution of our projects.  

5.  Liquidation Experts is a nationwide company.  No matter where your stores are located, we have team members that can be on site to assist you in no time!

6.  Are you in Canada?  If so, our systems would also work in Canada.  

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