About Liquidation Experts

Liquidation Experts have supported store owners for over three decades

At Liquidation Experts, we’ve been providing store owners with the most profitable, comprehensive inventory liquidation services and store closing strategies for over 30 years. During this time we’ve perfected the process of maximizing bottom-line profits for clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Our clients range from smaller, single location family-owned stores to large independent owner-operators of national chains such as Ace Hardware, Hallmark, True Value, and more. We also have the capability to conduct multiple location sales concurrently. We listen carefully to you so that we can collaborate to address your store closing concerns, and craft a plan that is just right.

Liquidation Experts has a growing roster of vertical markets we help:

  • GOLF
Retail Liquidation Services

Liquidation Experts are recognized experts in retail store liquidation

Liquidation Experts has a proven track record for enabling owners to close out their business in the most advantageous ways possible. Our methods are so successful we have been recognized as leading retail store liquidation experts in:

  • SCORE® Counselors to America’s Small Business
  • Nation’s Business Magazine
  • Entrepreneur
  • Retailer News
  • Christian Retailing and the CBS News

Liquidation Experts has caught the attention of Kenneth Stone, PHD College Professor of Economics at Iowa State University.

He is an economic business expert who understands the battle and impact retail giants and the internet have on small independent stores. Dr Kenneth Stone said, “Power Retailing [Liquidation Experts] provides a proven formula for success.”

Retail Store Liquidation Case Studies

Craft Jewelry Store

After 12 successful years, Bob and Kathy McCreary decided to call it quits and close their craft store. We collaborated with them to speed up the process so they could avoid signing a new 5-year lease. Working with their $190,000 of inventory, we were able to help boost their sales to five times what they normally sold and generate a total of $337,155. This amounted to a profit of $147,155.

Going Out of Business Sale

In Montana we teamed with Terry Brady, the owner of a well-known, 47-year-old sporting goods store, to launch his Going Out of Business Sale. We kicked it off with a bang, making $175,000 in sales on the first day, for a 34% profit margin. The sale went on to move his entire $1 million in inventory for $1.3 million.  

Ace Hardware store closing

Tim Heffley, an Ace Hardware store owner, got record breaking results by partnering with us on his store closing sale. And we did it in record breaking time. He reports: “This sale is certainly beyond my expectations! With your excellent help, I sold all my inventory and fixtures to the bare walls in 5 weeks. . . more quickly than I could have imagined.”

Bob Nelson the founder of Power Retailing passed away in October of 2022. I have been blessed to have worked alongside him and learned this challenging and gratifying segment of the retail industry for the last 18 years.

Bob was truly a pioneer in retail promotional plans to help stores create increased sales and profitability.

He was a clothing representative throughout the western United States for many years and eventually bought one of his customers stores in Southern California. It was then he learned firsthand the problems faced by those struggling to operate a profitable retail operation.

With the demographic of the market changing and fierce competition with larger chains, Bob decided to close his store. He hired a gentleman to help him conduct a Store Closing Sale…….and that was birth of what was to be Power Retailing. With a keen understanding of the challenges his clients faced he was able to develop strategies to show retailers how to conduct promotional events to increase sales and create a significant surge of revenue to move their business forward. In the beginning he not only helped clients with Store Closing Sale events, but also would provide strategic sales such as Remodeling, Stock Reduction, Grand Opening, and Change of Ownership Sales to name a few. These all proved to be successful and profitable for his clients. Word got out in the industry and Power Retailing was on its way. 

Over the years with the ups and downs of the economy and the emergence of the internet and big box stores pushing the independent stores out of business, Power Retailing gradually focused more on “Exit Strategies” such as Store Closing, Going Out of Business, and Retirement Sales.

While Power Retailing still does an “off” theme event from time to time, the core focus is to assist retailers to sell out all inventory and fixtures to the bare walls and move on to the next phase of their life.

I am so grateful to have been mentored by Bob Nelson. While the core principles and strategies will always be the same, moving forward Power Retailing will now be known as LIQUIDATION EXPERTS, LLC. We will not only carry the torch for Bob Nelson and continue his legacy, but will also expand with strategic alliances cultivated over the years to provide business owners with Retail Coaching. If you’re not ready to wind down but need some cutting edge tools to increase sales. . . we assist business owners with any sort of surplus asset they may need to liquidate from forklifts & shelving to restaurant equipment, to any kind of furniture/fixtures/equipment. We also have solutions for folks who are sitting with stagnant or old inventories that are not in a retail environment.

We look forward to continuing to assist all of those in need of a smart, well-thought-out solution to MAXIMIZE THE VALUE OF ANY BUSINESS ASSETS you may have.

Chris McCarty, President of Liquidation Experts, LLC